TimeStory 3.4 Release Notes

August 10, 2023

Version 3.4 is out, with support for weekend colors and a new way to visually highlight and connect event-attached images, plus a handful of smaller updates and fixes.

Weekend Colors

You can now set a different background color for weekends, a long-requested feature useful for anyone doing project schedules.

(These colors are hidden when you switch views to monthly, quarterly, or yearly views.)

Image Borders and Connections

TimeStory allows you to attach one or more images to an event, positioning those images however you like relative to that event. With 3.4, you can now also configure a border around an image, and a line connecting it to its event, for clarity when you have multiple nearby events or images. You’ll now find this in use in the updated example timeline “The Exploration of Mars”:

Images now also support the same Copy/Paste Style, Set Default Style, and Apply Default Style as events and sections, so it’s easy to adopt this throughout your existing timelines.

Fixes and Other Updates