TimeStory is designed and developed by Aaron Trickey, an independent developer located near Chicago, IL, USA. In previous roles as an engineering manager, I often wanted to easily capture quick project timelines and roadmaps, without all the overhead or foreknowledge usually associated with formal project management tools. I’d usually find myself popping open a spreadsheet, laying dates across the top, and sketching in rough timelines by coloring in cells. Needless to say, that never scaled.

My wife, in senior technical leadership, often finds herself doing similar things to map out the big picture across multiple business initiatives. These timelines usually deal with less perfect knowledge and coarser granularity than a specific project plan. Together, we decided to see if we could meet these needs in a comfortable, powerful way.

TimeStory is the result of these years of thinking and experience. At its core is a flexible model for representing structured information about time; on the surface is a user interface designed to scale from rough sketches and brainstorms to detailed project plans and rich historical documents.