Who, What, When, Where

TimeStory is a native Mac app, built from scratch in 2019 by me, Aaron Trickey. I’m an independent software developer, owner of Casual Programmer, LLC, and am located near Chicago, USA.

See here for a release history. And there’s much more to come.


In previous software development management roles, I often wanted to easily capture quick project timelines and roadmaps, without all the overhead of formal project management tools. I’d usually find myself sketching timetables in a spreadsheet. That solution doesn’t scale well.

My wife, with a job in senior technical leadership, found herself with similar needs, wanting easy ways of journaling ongoing processes and mapping out big-picture roadmaps. We decided to see if we could meet these needs in a comfortable, powerful way. I already had switched to independent consulting and development work, and decided to focus full time on this new product, with her as beta tester and user number 1.

TimeStory is the result of our experience and these goals. It’s designed to scale from rough sketches and brainstorms to detailed project plans and rich historical documents, and to be fast, easy to use, and able to create attractive output. Its focus, by design, is on the timeline document itself, not on any other project structure or project-planning workflows. This focused, simple approach is paired with ambitious plans and goals; stay tuned!