About TimeStory

The App

TimeStory is a fast, easy-to-use Mac app for creating graphical timelines. It's used for project plans, product roadmaps, ancient and modern history, family stories, and much more!

Timeline authoring is designed to be fast, simple, visual, and direct. Despite its ease of use, it provides advanced features for styling, filtering, structuring, importing, exporting, and more, and it continues to evolve with regular updates.

The Author

TimeStory is built by Aaron Trickey, an independent developer, and owner of Casual Programmer LLC. Its design, direction, and testing are in partnership with his wife Hemi. Aaron's background includes many years of programming on various platforms and a variety of development and leadership roles at a few different companies before going solo.

The Story

Over our careers in software and technology, we have often needed to create, present, and iterate on timelines for projects, products, and tasks. Sometimes we'd reach for a project management app, but those are often complex and cumbersome to use, especially for rough estimates and quick iteration. (They also tend to produce unattractive output.) Other times, we'd manually lay out a timeline in a spreadsheet or drawing app, but these documents are hard to update, search, manage, and use as a timeline—the app just thinks it's a grid or a picture.

In 2019, we started designing TimeStory to fill this gap with a native Mac app. We wanted to support project and product planning, but also historical timelines. Since release, it's been great to hear from customers using it for all kinds of other things as well!

First Release

July 2, 2019

Latest Version

3.5; full release notes


macOS Catalina or newer. Universal app with native Apple Silicon support.


$39.99 US, up-front purchase, on the Mac App Store. Available in all territories at corresponding price tiers.

Free Trial

Seven-day fully-featured free trial available for download.


TimeStory collects no data and makes no network connections. It runs entirely on your Mac and saves documents only where you tell it to. Privacy policy here.


TimeStory fully localizes all date formats and names to your region and language. Its user interface and documentation, however, are currently English-only.


Email support@timestory.app for bug reports, feature requests, or any general input, or media@timestory.app for press or media inquiries.

Tech Stack

AppKit + Swift

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