Using Shortcuts with TimeStory


Both macOS Monterey and TimeStory 2.7 are currently in beta. This functionality is near completion, but there may still be changes (most likely additions) before release.

With TimeStory 2.7 and macOS Monterey, you can now use Apple’s Shortcuts app to integrate TimeStory with other apps, to automate and speed up common workflows, and more!

What’s Supported

The current focus is on querying, querying, editing, and deleting events, on exporting them into external formats, and on presenting and configuring a timeline window. Find the complete list of actions on the Reference page.

Example Shortcuts

To get a feel for what this means, there are a few demo shortcuts here. You can see what they do, and browse their contents on these pages; there are also iCloud links to download and install them if you’d like.

Feedback Wanted!

This is a brand-new feature, so I’d love to hear any feedback, suggestions, or problems you have, and I’d especially love to hear if you create a cool shortcut you’d like to share! Send me an email!