a MacBook Pro running TimeStory, with a couple of windows open

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Buy the Full App

Buy TimeStory on the Mac App Store, with a one-time, up-front purchase for $49.99. (US prices shown; non-US prices vary.)

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Download the One-Week Free Trial

Download TimeStory-Trial-3.7.zip. If your Web browser didn't automatically unpack the zip file, open it in Finder to do so. Then run the TimeStory Trial app to get started! This trial has all app features and is fully compatible with the full app, it just has a time limit.

an iPad Pro running TimeStory iPad Edition

Get TimeStory for iPad

Download the Free App

Get TimeStory iPad Edition on the App Store. If you just want to use it to open, view, or export documents, it's free to use. (It makes a great companion app to the Mac app, for presentations or on-the-go viewing.)

Download on the App Store

Buy the Authoring Features

Creation and editing of timelines is unlocked via in-app purchase. Access this via Settings, or by tapping on a document creation or editing action within the free version. Choose either a one-time purchase for $49.99 or an annual subscription for $19.99/year. (US prices shown; non-US prices vary.)

Start a Free Trial of the Authoring Features

Within the same in-app purchases screen, you can also choose to start a two-week free trial. This unlocks the full set of authoring tools; when it expires, if you don't purchase anything, the app reverts to the free read-only mode.