TimeStory is a Mac app for illustrating events on a timeline, designed to help you easily create sophisticated plans, roadmaps, and more, without the complexity of a project management tool.

TimeStory is available to buy on the Mac App Store, with no in-app purchases. Not sure? Try out the free trial edition for up to seven days, or browse the full documentation on this site.

The latest version is 2.1. TimeStory supports macOS Catalina or Mojave.

Highlights & Features

Simple point-and-click editing

Visually place events on your timeline. Drag events or sections around, or click and drag on events to change their duration.

Rich timeline styling

Set shapes, colors, fonts, grid lines, and more. Attach images. Copy and paste styles, and save your theme to use again later.

Fast data entry

Activate Quick Entry mode and type in event titles and dates, one after another. No mouse required.

Flexible time scale

Choose your view: years, months, weeks, or days. Zoom in or out smoothly to focus on the time range you want to see.

Documents with structure

Organize your events into sections. Rearrange, expand, collapse, or completely hide sections with a few clicks.

Image export

Directly save to a PNG image file, or copy content as an image, to put on the Web or into another document or presentation.

PDF and printer output

Print your document or share it as a PDF, formatting for page sizes, backgrounds, and scaling.

Import and export of CSV

Load event data from another app, spreadsheet, or tool, or save it to use elsewhere, as a plain CSV file.

A great Mac app

TimeStory is a native Mac app, with things like shortcuts, gestures, built-in Help, and full-screen and Dark Mode.