Screenshot of TimeStory (Mac Edition) window Partial screenshot of TimeStory iPad Edition on an iPad Pro

TimeStory is a Mac app for illustrating events on a timeline, designed to help you easily create plans and roadmaps, capture history, tell stories, and more.

TimeStory iPad Edition is the same flexibility and simplicity, presented in a modern, native, iPad interface.

Build any kind of timeline, spanning days or decades, with rich structure and content, using simple point-and-click editing and standard Mac interactions.

Make it look great, with control over shapes, colors, text styles, gridlines, custom icons and images, and more.

Freely adjust the timeline scale and units, with smooth scaling, a highly-configurable timeline header, and a choice of time units and localized labeling options.

Share and communicate. Export as a high-quality PDF or PNG to send to others, to insert into a slide deck or document, or to post on the Web. Export to and import from CSV to work with other apps.

TimeStory is a truly native, truly independent app, written with care by a solo developer since 2019. TimeStory iPad Edition is new in 2024, built on the same solid core code, but adapted to touch and to the modern iPad interface.

Want to learn more? Have a look at some frequently-asked questions, or dive deeper into the documentation available here. This includes the full User Guide and the release notes for every version since launch.

Want to try it out before purchase? Both Mac and iPad editions offer limited-time free trials; learn more on the download page. Ready to buy? That page also had links into the App Stores for each platform.

Or send me an email with any questions and get an answer quickly.

(Writing about TimeStory? The About page is also our press kit, with downloadable images and a condensed fact sheet.)