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Draw events across days or decades with a simple, intuitive, drag-and-drop interface. For Mac and iPad.

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Screenshot of a TimeStory window on Mac, showing a timeline of the historical exploration of Mars. This is a built-in example, so the title bar also says Example Document - Locked. The time range scrolled into view starts in 1995 and ends in the future, and includes all missions starting with the Mars Global Surveyor in the late '90s.

Make it look great, choosing shapes, colors, fonts, gridlines, headers, icons, images, and more.

Screenshot of a TimeStory window on Mac, showing a fictional evaluation plan project timeline, which uses a mix of colors, shapes, and icons and has a customized timeline header with month, day, and day of week shown. The Inspector is also open, with an event selected, showcasing things like title font, text color, and event bar shape.
Add structure and content with sections, tags, and descriptions. Quickly filter a big timeline on any of them.
A screenshot of TimeStory for iPad within an iPad Pro (11-inch) bezel, showing a fictional Construction Plan timeline. On the left is a hierarchy of sections including Lot & Founcation, Construction, and more, with multiple subsections under Construction. In the timeline body, each section contains a series of tasks mapped out in time.
Choose your time scale, with units from days to years, flexible formats, and simple pinch-to-scale.
TimeStory for Mac with an otherwise blank timeline loaded but its timeline header customized to show years, quarters, and months. The Inspector is open, with the Timeline settings visible, showing a series of time units, labeling options, label style options, and gridline options, plus other details such as the first day of the week.

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