TimeStory 1.7 Release Notes

January 29, 2020

New shapes for point events

1.7 adds several new shapes and symbols to mark points in time, to liven up and bring more meaning to your documents.

Now, add direct links to Web resources (or to anything with a URL) to provide more context and documentation to your timelines. Any region of text can be turned into a custom link, in section headings, event titles, and description fields.

Finder Thumbnails (for Catalina users)

On macOS Catalina, when browsing TimeStory documents in Finder, you now get a graphical thumbnail showing part or all of your document, instead of just a document icon. (Mojave and High Sierra users will still see the same icon as before; this feature depends on new capabilities in Catalina.)

(That’s Finder, not TimeStory.)

Other improvements

Bugs fixed