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2021-10-20: Version 2.7 Released, with Shortcuts support

TimeStory 2.7 is now out! This release adds support for Shortcuts for Mac, which is a part of macOS Monterey.

See the kinds of things you can do with it by visiting the TimeStory Shortcuts documentation, which includes examples and reference info.

Shortcuts support is also enabled in the free trial, so if you’re not yet a TimeStory user, but are looking for a way to add timelining to your automation, give it a shot!

2021-10-05: Version 2.6.5 Released

This is a small bugfix release; the release notes only have two bullets, so I’ll just copy them here:

  • When using a trackpad for horizontal scrolling, the timeline view would sometimes speed ahead, scrolling much more quickly than your fingers were moving. (This was more likely to happen as you reached the start or end of your entire timeline.)
  • On the Event inspector, some new field enable/disable logic would incorrectly enable or disable a couple of fields, notably the Section Name field.

That first one, in particular, was pretty annoying for those of us who primarily use trackpads for everything. (I introduced the bug it in 2.6.4, last week.)

2021-09-30: Version 2.6.4 Released, with New "Viewing Mode" and more

V2.6.4 includes a key new feature: Viewing Mode. Enable Viewing Mode to disable all edits, while still letting you freely navigate, scale, and highlight your document; this makes it easy to show off a timeline without worrying about accidentally changing anything.

You’ll also find some other usability and feature improvements, plus a good selection of bug fixes. Check out the release notes for full details!

2021-08-27: Shortcuts for Mac are coming, and you can try them now with a TimeStory public beta!

Shortcuts for Mac are coming in macOS Monterey, and TimeStory 2.7 will be ready! Shortcuts provide a simple, discoverable means to automate common tasks and connect different apps together.

Check out some examples and documentation for more. You’ll find shortcuts to copy data between TimeStory and Calendar, to set up and display timelines, and more, along with a complete list of the initial set of Shortcuts actions supported.

If you’re running the betas of macOS Monterey and TestFlight, you can also now join a public beta to try it out. (Note: if this link doesn’t open TestFlight automatically, command-drag the URL onto the TestFlight icon in the Dock. TestFlight itself is still in beta, remember. Also, TestFlight does not support Big Sur or earlier.)

2021-08-24: New "Quick Tour" Video Posted

I published a new video today, titled “A Quick Tour of TimeStory”.

TimeStory’s core goal is a direct, simple, free-form editing flow, and that flow is demoed in this short video (about a minute and a half).

It starts with a blank timeline, creates some events, sections, and subsections, applies some styles (including a custom point icon), and ends with the Export window. Just enough of a taste of how the app works, while not getting caught up in the details. Check it out!

(Updated 8/25: Updated the YouTube link to a revised version of the video.)

2021-08-23: Version 2.6.3 Released

Another small batch of fixes and improvements. It’s a little quicker to add and size events, there’s quick help for filtering syntax, Fit All Events works better, and more. Have a look at the release notes for details!

2021-08-06: Version 2.6.2 Released

2.6.2 picks up some small usability improvements and bug fixes. Timelines no longer scroll when resizing their windows, Copy and Paste Style is smarter, and a bug was fixed which had caused files with embedded images to be larger than needed. More info in the release notes.

2021-07-16: Version 2.6.1 Released

Version 2.6.1 collects some important bug fixes. Some of them were reported by customers; as always, thank you! Some of them were discovered while working on the next major feature release (speaking of which, if you are trying the Monterey betas, and like playing with shortcuts, drop me an email).

See the release notes for full details.

2021-05-24: Version 2.6 Released

Version 2.6 was just released, with a focus on exporting timelines, particularly large ones.

The main new feature is the ability to export your timeline to a single-page PDF, producing high-quality output at any zoom level, with searchable text and functional hyperlinks. This is just an option on the same Export dialog that previously only supported PNG output. If you’re sending your timelines to non-TimeStory users, single-page PDF is now the best and recommended format in most cases, unless you specifically need PNG image output, or a paginated printout in PDF form via the Print window.

You can also now export just a specific date range, making it easy to break up a long timeline into slices.

There’s a little more info on the Release Notes page. 2.6 is live in the App Store; check it out!