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2022-10-12: Version 3.0.1 Released

Released version 3.0.1 last night. This adds a single fix to version 3.0, for a crashing bug found after release; sorry for the mistake!

2022-09-26: Version 3.0 Released

Version 3.0 is out, and it’s the biggest single update since version 1!

Highlights include:

  • Fully configurable timeline headers, including the ability to add your own custom configurations to the five built-in styles (year, quarter, month, week, and day)
  • New thin-line-style span events
  • Many other new styling options, along with a new default style and a better template system (but, naturally, all the old options still there, and full support for opening any old document from any prior version without messing up your design)
  • Overhauled CSV import and export
  • Redesigned Inspector layout

I’m excited by this version, and think it’s been worth the wait! Find many more details, along with screenshots, at the full release notes.

2022-04-01: Version 2.8.3 Released

Version 2.8.3 is now out, with quick fixes for a couple of crashes. Find details in the release notes.

2022-02-08: Version 2.8.2 Released

Version 2.8.2 has been released. It contains a couple of small bug fixes; the main one is that photos would sometimes appear rotated or inverted when placed in a timeline. Find the release notes here.

2022-01-21: Version 2.8.1 Released

2.8.1 fixes a small bug in 2.8 which could result in event end dates being wrongly-formatted. It has no other changes over 2.8.

2022-01-14: Version 2.8 Released

Happy new year! After a lot of work (and some holiday downtime), version 2.8 has now been released. Check out the release notes for details.

The biggest change is probably support for automatic document background colors, which follow the system light/dark color scheme. If you work with international collaborators, you might also be interested in a new feature which lets you override the language and date format for each document (normally, all dates are formatted according to the systemwide preferences). There are also a set of smaller changes and bug fixes as well; check out the full list on the release notes page.

2022 will be a big year for the product; I have plans ranging from minor tweaks and polishing to major new capabilities. My sincere thanks to everyone who’s purchased the app, to everyone who’s given it a try, and especially to everyone who’s emailed me with feedback, comments, suggestions, and problem reports. I think you’ll like what’s coming!

2021-10-20: Version 2.7 Released, with Shortcuts support

TimeStory 2.7 is now out! This release adds support for Shortcuts for Mac, which is a part of macOS Monterey.

See the kinds of things you can do with it by visiting the TimeStory Shortcuts documentation, which includes examples and reference info.

Shortcuts support is also enabled in the free trial, so if you’re not yet a TimeStory user, but are looking for a way to add timelining to your automation, give it a shot!

2021-10-05: Version 2.6.5 Released

This is a small bugfix release; the release notes only have two bullets, so I’ll just copy them here:

  • When using a trackpad for horizontal scrolling, the timeline view would sometimes speed ahead, scrolling much more quickly than your fingers were moving. (This was more likely to happen as you reached the start or end of your entire timeline.)
  • On the Event inspector, some new field enable/disable logic would incorrectly enable or disable a couple of fields, notably the Section Name field.

That first one, in particular, was pretty annoying for those of us who primarily use trackpads for everything. (I introduced the bug it in 2.6.4, last week.)

2021-09-30: Version 2.6.4 Released, with New "Viewing Mode" and more

V2.6.4 includes a key new feature: Viewing Mode. Enable Viewing Mode to disable all edits, while still letting you freely navigate, scale, and highlight your document; this makes it easy to show off a timeline without worrying about accidentally changing anything.

You’ll also find some other usability and feature improvements, plus a good selection of bug fixes. Check out the release notes for full details!