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2023-11-01: Version 3.5.1 Released

V3.5.1, which I released yesterday, Halloween, in between handing candy out to kids, fixed a few bugs. Some of them had to do with changes in Sonoma I didn’t handle correctly; some of them had been wrong before Sonoma. They were all cosmetic, dealing with how timelines looked or how parts of the app looked; there are no functional changes in this build.

2023-09-21: Version 3.5 Released

V3.5, released last week, was all about one key feature: adapting automatic title colors as they pass over different backgrounds. The original automatic option just picked one color for the whole string; it tried to pick the best one, based on what was behind it, but if your text passed over a mix of light and dark backgrounds, it would always end up less readable (or unreadable) for part of it. Text now changes colors within the string.

With this in hand, the app was then also able to relax some of its rules prohibiting text from flowing out of a span event (which usually contrast with the document background), so you’ll now also see fewer cut-off span-event titles as you scale down!

Find examples and details in the full 3.5 release notes.

2023-08-11: Version 3.4 Released

Two key new features: weekend colors, to help you manage and view your day-by-day project timelines, and the ability to visually connect images to the events they’re attached to. You’ll also find some bug fixes and smaller changes; check out the full 3.4 changelog for details!

2023-05-25: Version 3.3.2 Released

I released version 3.3.2 yesterday evening. People with large timelines might notice a visibly smoother and faster experience; people exporting CSVs to open in Excel won’t run into messed-up characters if they use Excel’s default settings; and there are a couple more small updates.

2023-05-11: Version 3.3.1 Released

Version 3.3.1 is out. This is a small update, focused on the CSV export dialog. It now preserves your settings from one export to the next, and it fixes a bug that could sometimes cause incorrect or empty columns in the output CSV.

2023-03-14: Version 3.3 Released

And now, version 3.3!

The focus of 3.3 is on maintaining large, consistent timelines. You can now duplicate a section, including all subsections, events, and styling, and you can now more efficiently duplicate events with Option+Drag (even multi-select).

This also picks up a few bugfixes, including a recent problem reading description text in Dark Mode.

2023-03-06: Version 3.2 Released

Version 3.2 is out!

You can now force all events in a section to use common colors, making it simple to create colorful, consistent timelines. TimeStory now also supports document autosaving, so you never lose your changes, and so you can view document history with macOS’s standard revision browser, and more tightly supports iCloud documents. This also contains a good batch of important bugfixes.

As always, go to the release notes for full details!

2023-01-17: Version 3.1.1 Released

3.1.1 fixes a couple of small font-related bugs, and some stale Help content, that had made it into 3.1. Details here.

2023-01-13: Version 3.1 Released

Version 3.1 is out! My favorite part of this release is a total redesign of the Welcome Window, bringing in full previews of all recents, templates, and examples. It feels more like a launchpad for work.

New Welcome Window

3.1 also adds Icon Packs. These are single files which you can download and install into TimeStory to add a whole collection if point event icons at once. There are already three packs available, based on open-source Web icons, and there will be more in the future.

Of course, there’s a good batch of smaller enhancements and bug fixes in there too. As always, there’s a detailed list on the release notes page.