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2020-02-03: 1.7.1 Released

Version 1.7.1 was just released, with some small fixes and improvements on top of the recent version 1.7. See the 1.7.1 release notes for more details.

2020-01-29: 1.7 Released

Version 1.7 is now out! This version introduces some new point-event shapes, now allows hyperlinks in any text, and comes with other fixes and improvements. See the 1.7 release notes for more details.

2020-01-16: 1.6.1 Released

Version 1.6.1 was released a few days ago, but I forgot to post here. Full release notes here. This is a minor release, with a few small external features and a bugfix.

2020-01-02: "Year One" retrospective published

TimeStory was launched on the Mac App Store on July 2, 2019, But its development started at the very beginning of 2019. Over on my personal blog, I posted a retrospective of this first year, talking about the background of the app, my development process, some technical observations, and some personal context, and finishing up with a note about where it stands now.

2020-01-02: Minor updates to privacy statement

Today I pushed up a few minor changes to the privacy policy. Nothing major has changed: TimeStory is a local app with no server part and no secret data collection; I don’t track users on the Web site; I don’t share your contact information. But future versions of the app may fetch update information from this Web site (especially if at some point I release a non-App-Store version, which can’t rely on App Store updates), and the site does use Google Fonts, both of which I felt needed explicit clarification.

2019-11-20: 1.6 Released

Version 1.6 was released on November 19. Full release notes here. You’ll see some great new features along with several bug fixes.

The biggest change in this release was the addition of auto-updating “today” values for dates. Set a span event to end on “=today”, and it will always show up as ending on the current date, whatever it is.

The second biggest change, although less visible, is that you can now specify “Automatic” as the text color for any section or event. Just like the Date Labels previously did, this causes them to automatically choose white or black, depending on their background.

2019-10-30: Web updates

I’ve spent a little time refreshing the TimeStory website, including adding a new “News” section (where you’re probably reading this). I’ve also recently created a Twitter handle (@TimeStoryApp) for those who prefer to get their news that way.

(I spend most of my time working on TimeStory itself, so if you subscribe, the news frequency will be fairly low.)

2019-10-29: 1.5.1 Released

Version 1.5.1 released. Full release notes here.

The key improvement in this release is that TimeStory now fully respects your system’s language settings when presenting date names, including weekday and month names. Previous versions always respected your preferred date orders (such as month/day/year or year-month-day), but were limited to English names for the months and weekdays.