Interested in trying out TimeStory before purchase? There’s now a 7-day free trial version you can download from this website and try out.

This trial version is the same, fully-featured TimeStory app, modified only to add the 7-day limit. Anything you start working on during the trial can be picked right up after upgrading to the regular version.

Upgrading to the Full Version

If you enjoy your trial, and would like to purchase the full version of TimeStory, just go to the Mac App Store. Within the trial app, just click on the Trial indicator in the corner of any window, and it will provide a button which takes you right there.

After purchasing TimeStory, make sure to delete the trial version. (If you forget, things should generally still be fine, but occasionally the trial version may open instead of the full one.)

If you decide not to purchase TimeStory, I’d still love to hear any feedback you have on your trial; just drop me an email.

System Requirements

TimeStory Trial requires macOS Catalina (10.15) or Mojave (10.14).

Try it out now!

  1. Download this file:
  2. Your Web browser may automatically unzip this file for you; if not, just double-click on the zip file and Finder will unpack it
  3. Run the enclosed app! (You may want to copy it to Applications first, but since it’s temporary, you may prefer to just put it on your Desktop or somewhere.)

TimeStory includes full, built-in Help, but you can also find that help (and more) on this Web site in the documentation.