Privacy Policy

TimeStory Privacy Policy, v1.3, September 26, 2022

App privacy

TimeStory is a macOS app which works with document files on your computer (or on your personal cloud storage). What you put into those documents, and where you send them, is totally up to you.

  1. TimeStory runs entirely on your Mac and accesses only those documents you tell it to. It does not require Internet access.
  2. TimeStory does not collect any information or statistics about how you use it.
  3. TimeStory does not embed any personally identifying information into your documents which you do not explicitly put there.
  4. Some app versions may include an automatic check for updates, which will anonymously access this site, subject to the Web privacy statement below.

The above statement applies to any version of TimeStory, including the free trial edition.

Email and Web privacy

If you contact to report bugs, provide feedback, make requests, or anything else, I will treat your messages as confidential unless you explicitly tell me otherwise, and I will not share your contact information with anyone unless required by law.

This website ( does not collect any personally-identifying information, and does not use or participate in any user-tracking, click-tracking, advertising, or analytics software.

Updates to this policy

This page ( will always contain the latest version of the TimeStory Privacy Policy. Any changes will be posted here, with an update version number and date, along with a description of the changes.