Icon Packs

Looking for the perfect icon to mark an event on your timeline, and want to install a large number of icons at once? New in 3.1, TimeStory lets you install and manage icon packs, each of which is a single file containing a named collection of icons, and we’ve released a few here to get started.

Read more about managing icons and icon packs in the user guide.

"Font Awesome" icon packs available for download

Font Awesome Free is a popular open-source icon set, widely used on the Web. TimeStory isn’t affiliated with that project; I just frequently use and recommend them as an icon source. They allow both personal and commercial usage under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution license, v4.0. (They also offer a much larger commercial icon set you can check out.)

If you have TimeStory 3.1 installed, just click on any of the above links to download the icon pack file. Open that file and TimeStory should prompt you to install the icons, or go into TimeStory, open the Point Event Icons window, and use the “+” button to choose the file to install.