Point Event Icons

A point event represents a single event in time marked by an icon on the timeline. TimeStory comes with a set of built-in icons you can use, but it also lets you import and any icon you wish, to add clarity or style to your documents.

TimeStory’s Built-In Icons

There are a small set of of icons, defined by the app itself, and always available. New icons are sometimes added when a new version of the software comes out.

Adding and Managing Your Own Icons

Choose “Point Event Icons” from the Style menu to view the complete list of available icons. At first, this only includes the built-in icons, but you can add as many of your own as you’d like; these will then be available for use when creating and editing events.

Press the + button to choose one or more files containing the images you’d like to add, or just drag them in from the Finder. TimeStory supports PNGs, SVGs, and other formats; you can create these with many image or drawing tools, or find good-quality libraries of them for download (or purchase) from many creators.

Each icon has a title; this starts out as the image file’s name, but you can double-click on any icon to rename it. The point-icon picker in the Event Inspector lets you search by title, and shows each icon’s title in a tooltip. (The title doesn’t appear anywhere in your timeline document; it’s purely for organization and searching.)

You can also drag icons around in the Point Event Icons window to organize them in a way which makes sense to you, or delete them entirely.

Icons in a Document

Once you use a custom icon in a document, a copy of that icon is stored within the document itself. This means that if you delete that icon from your library, the document still looks the same; if you send your timeline to another TimeStory user, it will look the same to them as well. They don’t have to have your original icon installed.

Icon Color

Some icons have their own color or colors, and are intended to appear as the are. Others are single-color shapes or symbols, to which you can apply your own per-event colors.

You can make this choice per event. In the Event Inspector, under Event Graphic Style, the Color setting controls the color of that event’s icon. If you choose a specific color, TimeStory replaces all colors in the icon with that chosen color (while preserving transparency or “alpha” information). If you choose “Original Image Color”, it uses the color information inside the original icon image file.

Icon Size

Each document defines a default Point Icon Size on the Document Inspector. This size normally applies to all point-event icons in the document; their contents are scaled as needed to fit within it.

If a particular event needs adjustment, however, you can go to the Event Inspector, change Use Size from “Document Point Size” to “Custom Point Size”, and then freely adjust that event’s size. (It’s best to use this sparingly, if at all, for specific events you wish to magnify for visibility or emphasis.)