TimeStory 2.5 Release Notes

April 27, 2021

Make your timelines more informative, attractive, and unique, by using your own icons to mark points in time! Save commonly-used document layouts as templates, for quicker new-document creation. And, of course, enjoy other fixes and improvements throughout the app.

Use your own icons for point events

Starting with 2.5, you can now add any symbol or image you want to TimeStory, and use it just like one of the built-in icons to mark a point in time.

In the rebuilt Icon Picker, the “TimeStory Icons” section contains the built-in, always-available set. “My Icons” starts out empty, but you can add your own from the new icon window:

When you save your document, it embeds copies of any icons you use, so it will look the same if you send it to someone else, or even if you later delete those icons from your own custom set.

If your icon is a simple, flat symbol, you can set its color with the Event Inspector like always. But if it has its own, built-in colors, you can choose to just use it as it is.

The TimeStory icon library can handle thousands of icons without slowing down. Each icon gets a user-editable name, and the interface offers a search field to quickly find the one you want. Use image formats like PNG or use vector images in the SVG format, for maximum flexibility to create your own or download them from the Web.

And finally, TimeStory now lets you adjust the size of each icon in a timeline individually. (By default, they all still use the common, document-level setting, as before.)

Create reusable document templates

If you often need to create documents with the same sections, layout, or styles, you can use the new “document template” feature.

Set up your document how you’d like it, and choose File > Save as Template. This template will contain everything—any sections, events, colors, or styles—and will now be available from File > New from Template as a quick starting point.

(TimeStory 2.5 comes with “Default Empty Timeline”, which creates the same basic empty timeline that File > New does.)

… and more!

2.5 includes a grab bag of smaller improvements and bug fixes. I’ve been working on this for quite a while!