TimeStory 3.1 Release Notes

January 13, 2023

A new Welcome Window

TimeStory’s Welcome Window has been completely redesigned, with previews for recently-opened files, built-in examples, and document templates, in a new, cleaner look.

The new Welcome Window

This window appears whenever you launch TimeStory without an open document (although you can configure this), or when you choose Window > Welcome to TimeStory or File > New from Template.

Refreshed Icons window, and Icon Packs

Point Event Icons

In the Point Event Icons window, your icons are now grouped into sets, which can be easily browsed on in the sidebar on the left. As before, you’ll find TimeStory Icons, the built-in set of general icons which are always available, and My Icons, where you’ll find any icons you individually added in this or previous versions of TimeStory.

And, new to 3.1, you can also use icon packs, which are single-file collections of any number of icons, prepackaged for easy installation, update, and removal.

With 3.1, I’m also releasing the first three free icon packs, which collect the entire set of SVG icons from FontAwesome Free, so you can quickly add hundreds of icons to your library. Download them, and learn more, at Icon Packs.

(FontAwesome Free is a popular, open-source icon set, widely used on the Web. TimeStory isn’t affiliated with that project; I just frequently use and recommend them as an icon source.)

Other updates and fixes