TimeStory 3.3 Release Notes

March 14, 2023

3.3 adds a couple of new features to speed up creation of events and sections, and fixes another batch of bugs, including a couple related to Dark Mode.

Drag to Copy Events (Option+Drag)

Have a template event you want to replicate in multiple places? Hold the Option key and drag from that event, and TimeStory will create an exact copy of that event and start dragging it.

This long-requested feature is common among Mac drawing apps, and is a much smoother experience than using Duplicate and then dragging.

Important: changes to keyboard options!

Option+drag in previous versions of TimeStory meant “drag this event and keep it on its own row”. In that mode, as you drag around, new rows will be inserted as needed to keep the event by itself. That function is now Shift+Option+drag (which was also valid in previous versions).

Drag Modifier Previously TimeStory 3.3
Option Create new row Duplicate and drag
Shift+Option Create new row
Shift Allow spans to overlap
Command Don't snap to time-unit boundaries
Event-dragging modifier keys

Since this affects a longstanding and, for some people, often-used shortcut, I added a small notice in the app. The first time you launch TimeStory after updating to 3.3, you'll see it below the toolbar on any open document windows. Once you click on the notice, or on its dismiss button, you won't see it again.

Duplicate Section

Does your timeline need multiple sections following a common design? You can now duplicate a section with the Duplicate command (⌘D); this makes a new copy of that section, with the same style and contents (if any), including subsections and contained events.

You can also use the new Sections > Duplicate without Contents action if you just want an empty copy.

(Note that prior versions had an Events > Duplicate action, which only worked on events; now, event and section duplication are both handled by the single Edit > Duplicate action.)

Bugs fixed