TimeStory 3.2 Release Notes

March 6, 2023

Version 3.2 brings a great new feature for many common timeline styles, enables autosaving and some iCloud features, and fixes some important bugs.

Setting Event Colors by Section

For a simple, consistent look, you can now set up a standard event color for a section, and have that color automatically applied to any event created in or moved into that section. You can set events to match the section header color, or give events their own, separate color, and you can configure point and span events separately.

The built-in document template named “Colorful Weekly” now uses this feature; create a new document from that template and check it out!


MacOS autosave is now enabled by default for TimeStory. If you quit (or if the app crashes), all your documents (including untitled, never-saved drafts) will still be there when you reopen it. This also enables version browsing and the File > Revert To submenu, and rearranges several other menus (e.g., Save As is replaced by Duplicate).

For those of us who still prefer the old ways, you can go into TimeStory’s preferences and turn off autosaving; the app will now behave just as it always has.

Combine iCloud with autosaving, and you now have automatic sync of your documents between your Macs. Open the same document in iCloud Drive on two different computers, edit one of them, and a few seconds later, after the file syncs over, that edit will appear on the other screen.

Smaller Features

Bugs fixed