TimeStory 2.7 Release Notes

October 20, 2021

Shortcuts are here!

Shortcuts are now available on macOS Monterey, and TimeStory 2.7 is ready!

With Shortcuts for Mac, you can graphically integrate apps and automate your workflows. And with TimeStory 2.7 installed, you’ll have the ability to create, edit, query, display, and export your timelines from within Shortcuts.

Copy events between TimeStory and other apps (like Calendar or Reminders), drive automated processes from a timeline, create quick actions to find, present, or export timeline data for regular tasks, and more.

Check out the Shortcuts pages for example shortcuts, ideas, and documentation. And if you create an interesting shortcut involving TimeStory, I’d love to hear about it!

Other fixes

2.7 also adds a couple of small fixes: