TimeStory 2.6 Release Notes

May 24, 2021

Version 2.6 makes it easier to share timelines, particularly large ones, with new options and features in the Export function.

Exporting by Date Range

The Export dialog now offers an option to choose a particular range of dates to export. This is ideal when you have a longer timeline and want to share just a slice of it, or when you want to break your timeline up into more manageable exports.

Export to Single-Page PDF

You can now also export your timeline directly as a single-page PDF from the same Export window. A PDF-exported timeline can be scaled up or down without losing detail, its text can be searched and selected, and any hyperlinks will be preserved, making it a great option for sharing timelines with others.

(The existing PNG export still works the same, of course, if that’s what you need. So does the traditional “Print to PDF”, which produces a multi-page PDF using print settings such as paper size, margins, etc.)

Other improvements