TimeStory 2.6.4 Release Notes

September 30, 2021

Verison 2.6.4 includes one brand-new feature plus a batch of smaller enhancements and fixes.

View-Only Mode

Sometimes you’d like to navigate or present a timeline without worrying about accidentally dragging an event or making some other change. You can now enable “View-Only Mode”, from the View menu, to temporarily disable all edits and changes to the current timeline.

While in View-Only Mode, you can still change time units and scale, navigate around, turn on or off the Today line or a time-region highlight. You can also still save the document to make these changes persistent. You just can’t change any event, section, image, or other content.

Smooth time-scale changing with a scroll wheel

You can now hold the Command key while moving your mouse’s scroll wheel to smoothly and precisely adjust the timescale. (This mirrors the pre-existing behavior of a pinch gesture on a trackpad.)

More CSV export control

You can now choose to produce a CSV export of just the currently-selected events, instead of the whole document, and you can choose whether the export contains a header row or not.

Miscellaneous fixes and improvements