TimeStory 2.6.2 Release Notes

August 6, 2021

Version 2.6.2 brings a few usability improvements and fixes a couple of bugs.

Resizing a window, or showing or hiding its Inspector, no longer causes its timeline document to horizontally scroll.

The Details popover is now available for images as well as events, and has been renamed from “Event Details” to “Show Details”. This is a minor change, but makes it easier to see an image’s summary (or “alternative text”) while browsing a timeline.

Copy and Paste Style now works better. If you copy styles between point and span events, it will now avoid applying inapplicable shape styles. Copying now works between section headers and events, for the attributes which are common between them. And Paste Style now works on multiple selections again.

Documents containing images often took up more space than needed if saved by V2.6.1, due to a bug. (They were not damaged, just not compressed as much as possible.) This bug has been fixed.