TimeStory 2.4 Release Notes

March 8, 2021

This version adds tagging of content, summary text for images, a new span event shape, visual and usability improvements, and more!

Tagging support

You can now tag events and sections, to add small attributes and quickly filter the display.

The Inspector has a new Tags field where you can add and edit tags on sections or events, or you can also simply tag them by typing #TagName in a title or description field. TimeStory keeps track of any tags you add, and provides completion suggestions as you type. Tags can then be used in the Event Filter, as seen above, to quickly limit your display.

See Tagging in the User Guide for more!

(Note that if you have existing documents containing #-style tags in their title or description fields, they will automatically work as tags in the new version; some users have been using a similar technique for a while, and it will now just work better.)

“Jagged” span-event shapes

Span events can now be assigned “jagged” right or left ends; if you have two jagged ends next to each other, they fit together.

Tweaks to timeline presentation

This release sees a few small improvements to the overall appearance of timelines:

Info for attached images

Attached images can now be assigned a text summary (which shows up as a tooltip for the image), and you can now place the source of the image and any copyright info if you’d like. If you paste a complete image from a Web browser, TimeStory will often be able to automatically populate some of these fields.

Updates to the Mars Exploration example document

The Mars exploration timeline has been visually refreshed, but more importantly, has been updated with the successful arrivals in 2021 of the UAE’s Hope orbiter, China’s Tianwen-1 orbiter, and the US’s Perseverence rover!

This document now also uses the new tagging feature to tag each mission by country or agency (e.g., #USA, #ESA, and #India), and uses the new Image Info feature to tell you where each embedded picture came from.

Updates to the Event Details popover

Under Preferences, you can now choose to “Show the Event Details popover when hovering over an event”. This makes it behave like a tooltip: just pause your mouse over any event, and its details will appear; move your mouse away from that popover, and it disappears. (The default is still to require a keypress, like before; I welcome any input from users on this topic!)

In addition:

A few other minor usability updates

Bug fixes

Finally, 2.4 includes a batch of bug fixes: