TimeStory 2.3.1 Release Notes

November 9, 2020

Welcome to TimeStory 2.3.1, updated for the next generation of macOS and Mac hardware! This makes visual changes to sync up with macOS 11 Big Sur, and has been built to run natively on Apple Silicon.

Aside from these changes, there are no other new features or fixes; check out the 2.3 release notes for the latest feature changes and fixes.

New icon

With Big Sur’s new design language come new guidelines for Mac icons, bringing them closer in many ways to iOS icon design. New icons are built within (or around) a consistent rounded square shape and shadow, and abandon the classic 9º tilt. TimeStory 2.3.1 adopts these changes, for the first icon refresh since version 1.0.

The update to TimeStory's icon in this release

Unified Toolbars (macOS 11 only)

With macOS 11, Apple introduced a new unified toolbar style. This puts the document title and the toolbar buttons in a single row across the top of each window, taking up less vertical space. By default, TimeStory now uses this new style on Big Sur; however, you can switch back to the classic layout in Preferences.

(Users of Catalina or Mojave won’t see any toolbar changes.)

New unified toolbars, on macOS 11 Big Sur
Enable "icons only" for an even trimmer look, if you don't need labels
Or go into Preferences and revert to the classic toolbar layout