TimeStory 2.2 Release Notes

October 12, 2020

Version 2.2 introduces a new document layout option: the ability to put section headers in a column on the left of the document.

Left-side section headers

You can now put section headers on the left side of the document view, in a resizeable column. This looks great for a compact, clean presentation of parallel tracks. Switch between this view and the classic “headers on top” view freely, by changing one setting in the Document Inspector.

For more complex timelines, this left-side view also allows subsections:

(Note: These two styles aren’t exactly the same; only above-section headers can be collapsed, and only left-side headers can have subsections.)

Event details popovers

Putting lots of content in your event description fields? Have a busy timeline with lots of events next to each other, making dates or titles hard to pick out? Now you can just select any event, press the ? key (or choose Events > Details from the menu), and get a quick pop-over view of title, dates, and descriptions.

Other fixes and improvements

A release in progress for so long will pick up quite a few small refinements as it goes. Here are the ones worth noting:


Sample Documents

Updated the Exploration of Mars timeline to include the exciting new programs launched in 2020 by the United Arab Emirates, China, and the United States.