TimeStory 2.1 Release Notes

May 12, 2020

Version 2.1 brings new features, some customer-requested, along with other improvements and fixes, on top of 2.0’s foundation.

Automatic display of event dates under the event titles

You can now have an event’s date or date range displayed along with its title. This optional feature can be enabled and configured per event.

Full details can be found in the TimeStory 2.1 User Guide under Working with Events.

Event filtering: dates and more

Have a large document containing old, completed events, or events from time ranges you don’t want to see all the time? The Filter Events feature now supports filtering events which have ended by a given date, which haven’t begun by a given date, or any combination of those (and other filters).

Have a large document with many sections? The Event Filter now, by default, hides any sections which don’t contain any matching events, collapsing the timeline to make it easier to spot and navigate the events of interest.

Have a filter you want to leave on all the time? Now, when you save a document with an active filter, that filter is saved too, and re-applied when you later open it again.

Full details can be found in the TimeStory 2.1 User Guide under Filtering.

Window position restoration for documents

TimeStory now preserves and restores the window position and size for any document you close and later reopen, using the standard Mac window restoration system. (Version 2.0 fixed window restoration when quitting and restarting the app, but did not handle regular closing and re-opening.)

Other fixes and improvements

Now requires Mojave or newer

As discussed on the blog, version 2.1 removes support for macOS High Sierra. If you are still running High Sierra, as of this writing, your newest TimeStory version will remain 2.0.1; however, you can still get support if needed.