TimeStory 1.5 Release Notes

October 23, 2019

Event shape additions

Create a sense of direction and flow across your timeline by selecting inward-pointing side shapes, which complement the existing outward-pointing arrow-style shapes.


Image Exporting

Embed your timeline in another document, a Web page, and email, or elsewhere, by directly converting it to an image in the standard PNG format. Select your desired pixel size, and choose a transparent background if needed.


Jumping to specific dates

To scroll directly to any date, just press G (or use the Go to Date menu) and type in that date.


Printout page-fitting with automatic time scaling

When using the “Fit to N x M pages” option in a printout, TimeStory normally just reduces your document proportionally, keeping its time scale. For documents covering long periods, this can make it difficult to fit to a small number of pages. With 1.5, you can choose to have TimeStory automatically adjust the time scale and units to fit to a give page size, if you don’t need to preserve the document time scale.

Other improvements and fixes

A note of thanks

A special thanks goes to the users who have been pushing TimeStory forward by trying new things and applying it to real problems. Your feedback has been invaluable. Every release since 1.0 has had at least one feature or fix driven by unsolicited user feedback.

If you are a TimeStory user with any feedback at all, whether it’s a feature request, a bug, a limitation, please take a moment to send an email to support@timestory.app. All comments are welcome.