TimeStory 1.4 Release Notes

October 3, 2019

Time Range Highlighting

This new feature lets you easily highlight a range of time, to assist in presenting or viewing a document. It also lets you configure any event in your document to highlight its underlying time range, to provide context to other events.

Screenshot: Time-Range Highlight

Configurable Start of Week

TimeStory now saves your preferred start-of-week day in your documents.

When you create a new document, or first open an existing document from an earlier version, TimeStory reads your Mac’s preferences to determine whether you normally prefer weeks to start on Sunday, Monday, or otherwise. You can edit this on a per-document basis, if you want; if you send such a document to someone with different preferences, they will see the weeks as you intended.

(Prior versions of TimeStory always treated weeks as starting on Sunday.)

Date Display while Dragging Events

While moving or resizing events, TimeStory now shows a small date label next to the event, so you can more precisely position it. If you press and hold the Option or Shift keys while dragging, this label also indicates the effect of that key (to allow events to overlap, or to keep the event on its own row).

Animated GIF: Date Label

A New Color Picker (but the standard one is still there)

Color choices now use a new, streamlined Color Picker control, allowing one-click use of existing colors from the rest of the document or from a standard palette. These controls also now clearly present options such as “Automatic” colors for date labels, which previously were hidden behind checkboxes.

Screenshot: Color Picker

Improvements to the Section Manager

You can now perform more section edits within the Section Management dialog itself, including double-clicking to rename a section, deleting an empty section, and adding a new section.

Screenshot: Section Manager

Other Improvements and Fixes