TimeStory 1.2 Release Notes

July 22, 2019

New Time Scroller

The Time Scroller is a new control which hovers at the bottom of your timeline and provides buttons to scroll horizontally (forward and backward in time) by different amounts.

Screenshot, with new Time Scroller control

You can still navigate your timeline just as before, with regular trackpad scrolling gestures and arrow keys, and if you want to hide the Time Scroller, just use the View menu (or right-click on it and press Hide).

New section features

TimeStory has always let you divide your document into sections. Starting in version 1.2:

New event shapes

Points in time can now be marked with triangles pointing in four different directions.

New CSV export

Having used TimeStory to map out a series of events, you can now export those events into a simple, plain-text comma-separated values (CSV) file. This lets you bring these events into other tools, like spreadsheets. This export omits all of your formatting and positioning, but contains all the event data: dates, title text, description text, and section assignments.

Bug Fixes and Feature Improvements