Quick Event Entry

When entering a series of events, you can use “Quick Event Entry” to type (or paste) their dates and titles instead of visually placing them on your timeline.

To enable Quick Event Entry, choose the Quick Entry button on the toolbar, or Events > Quick Event Entry from the menu. (The keyboard shortcut is Command+Shift+A.)

The “Add Event” bar will appear across the top of your document, with three fields: Title, Date or Start Date, and End Date. You can fill them in, pressing Tab (or Shift+Tab) to navigate between them, and press Enter when you’re done.

Entering Dates

The “Dates” row of Quick Event Entry has two fields. If you just enter a date in the first field, you get a point event; if you enter both, you get a span event.

You can type or paste these dates in a number of formats, exactly as in the Inspector, Go to Date dialog, and elsewhere. TimeStory attempts to recognize dates according to your local language and format settings; it will also always allow the international form YYYY-MM-DD.

You can also use the special form “=today” as the date of a point event, or as the end date of a span event, to create an event which tracks today’s date automatically.

Event creation

Press Return, or choose the Add button, to create your event.

Your new event will be selected, the fields will be cleared, and your cursor will be back in the Title field, ready to enter another event.

Press the Esc key, or click the Cancel button, or simply toggle Quick Entry back off, when you’re done.