Highlighting Time

When working with a large plan, and especially when presenting it to others or preparing it to be published, you often want to highlight or block out regions of time.

In TimeStory, a time highlight is a vertical strip of color, stretching the entire height of the document, calling out part of the timeline. It appears over your document’s background color, but beneath any grid lines, events, section headers, text, or other content. There are three kinds of time highlights in TimeStory, used in different cases.

Highlighting Today’s Date

Use the Today highlight to visually indicate today’s date with a vertical line. Use the Today button in the toolbar, or View > Highlight Today in the menu, to turn this highlight on or off.

When you activate the Today highlight, if today’s date is not already in view, the document will automatically scroll there.

The position of this line tracks the current day; if you leave TimeStory open overnight, the line will move forward.

Change the color or thickness of this line in the Document Inspector in the Time Highlighting section at the bottom, using the Today Color and Today Width settings.

Highlighting Events

When an event represents a block of time, a significant milestone, or some other kind of context for your timeline, you might want to highlight the block of time or date which it represents.

Example: Event Highlight

To highlight the time range of an event, use “Time Range Highlighting” in the Event Inspector to set a highlight color for that event. (To remove the highlight, click on that color and change it back to “None”.)

If the event is a point, the highlight takes the form of a vertical line; if it’s a span, the highlight extends from the beginning of the event to its end.

Highlighting may be enabled for any number of events.

Highlighting Other Date Ranges

Use the “Date Range” highlight to select any arbitrary time region you wish to emphasize or call out, whether it’s associated with an event or not. This is most suitable for presentation purposes; with a few clicks, you can draw attention to any region of time you desire.

To highlight an arbitrary range of time, just press your mouse anywhere in the date label area at the top of the document, and drag to the right or left. The highlight will follow your mouse. (In the above picture, the range highlight is yellow.)

This will automatically activate the View > Highlight Date Range menu option and Range toolbar button, if not already acivated. You can choose one of those options again to deactivate and remove the highlight from view. You can also manually activate the range highlighter, and simply click on a date in the time label area, to select a single date and draw a line (like the Today highlight does).

The color of the date-range highlighter may also be changed in the Document Inspector under Time Highlighting.