2020-10-12: Version 2.2 Released

TimeStory version 2.2 has been released! This release contains one major new feature: the ability to show section titles as a header column on the left of the document, instead of in a bar atop the section. See the release notes for full details and pretty pictures.

It’s been several months since 2.1, but I think you will find it was worth the wait. This feature required some significant work on many areas of the product: drag-and-drop editing, printing, automatic text colors, and section title text layout, to name a few. The built-in example documents have been refreshed, so you can see examples of both the old section style (the Exploration of Mars timeline) and the new style (in both included sample project templates).

Have a look at the version 2.2 User Guide, under “Working with Sections”, to learn more, and if you aren’t yet a user, grab a copy of the free trial and play around!