TimeStory FAQ

Frequently-Asked (or at least Sometimes-Asked) Questions

Is there an iOS or iPadOS version of TimeStory?

Not yet, but it's in the works. It's important to make sure that the Mac version remains a great Mac app, while making the iPad version a great iPad app, and that takes time. To provide input on what you'd like to see, or to request to be put on a beta list for this app, please contact support@timestory.app.

Can TimeStory be purchased outside the Mac App Store?

Not currently. The Mac App Store provides payment processing, licensing, and software update capabilities; I do not yet have the ability to handle these needs directly. If your business requires purchases without going through the App Store, please send me an email.

When I quit TimeStory while working on a document, why doesn't it automatically re-open that document when I run the app again?

Take a look at your Mac's System Preferences, on the General tab, for the "Close windows when quitting an app" checkbox. If that's checked, when you quit TimeStory, all your documents get closed. If that's not checked, then TimeStory (since version 2.0) will remember your open documents when you restart the app.

Can I sync TimeStory with external calendars?

No, although this feature is under consideration for future releases.

Is TimeStory suitable for ancient history?

The main focus of TimeStory is on current timelines and modern history, so it is missing certain features you may wish for (such as approximate dates, non-Gregorian calendars, and "year" representations which omit specific dates). However, ancient dates, including BC, are fully supported, in visual placement, calendar popups, text entry, and import/export. (Note that version 2.3.2 fixed a couple of problems in BC event handling; if you tried in prior versions, please try again.)

How can I share my TimeStory work with Windows users? Is there a Windows version?

There is no Windows version planned. To share your complete, formatted timeline, you can export it as a standard PNG image or PDF file; to share the raw data, you can do a CSV export, which will contain all your events in a form easily used by Excel or by many project-management tools.