Frequently-Asked (or at least Sometimes-Asked) Questions

What's the best way to share timelines with non-TimeStory users?

The Export function, under File, lets you save your timeline as a PDF or PNG. PDF is usually your best bet; it comes out as a single-page PDF file, which has the best display quality, can be searched, can be scaled up or down, and which preserves any hyperlinks. PNG, on the other hand, is a good choice for posting on Web sites, or for embedding small timelines or parts of timelines into other documents.

Is there an iOS or iPadOS version of TimeStory?

Not yet. There's long been one in the works, but it's currently on hold. It's important that TimeStory for Mac be a great Mac app, that an iPad version be a great iPad app, and that an iPhone version be a great iPhone app, and the Mac app is currently a full-time job. I'd love to hear from people interested in iOS or iPadOS versions at

Can TimeStory be purchased outside the Mac App Store?

Not currently. I rely on the App Store for payment and software updates. If your business requires purchases without going through the App Store, please send me an email.

Is TimeStory suitable for ancient history?

Ancient dates, including BC, are fully supported. The main focus of TimeStory, however, is on current timelines and more recent history, so it is missing certain features you may wish for (such as approximate dates and non-Gregorian calendars.) Check out the free trial if you'd like, and feel free to ask any questions.

Can I sync TimeStory with external calendars?

No, although this feature is under consideration for future releases.

What about Windows? What about a Web app?

There are no Windows or Web versions planned.