Show Next Two Weeks (Shortcuts)

What it Does

Opens a pre-set timeline, focuses in on the next two weeks (specifically, scales to show yesterday through fourteen days from now), and sizes and positions the window in the upper-right corner of your desktop. This is a template for something you might use behind a hot key to quickly glance at what’s coming, or as part of your workspace setup in a Focus Mode. Here’s how the window looked when I ran it today, July 28, with a made-up project timeline selected:

Screenshot of TimeStory showing the result of this shortcut

(Note, below, that the Show Timeline in Window action is run twice. The first one makes sure that the window exists, so we can move and resize it. Once it has the proper size, we invoke it again, to set its visible time range and scroll position, relative to its new size.)

The Shortcut

Download from this iCloud link.

Here's how it looks in the Shortcuts app:

Shortcut listing, as a screenshot of the Shortcuts app