2022-01-14: Version 2.8 Released

Happy new year! After a lot of work (and some holiday downtime), version 2.8 has now been released. Check out the release notes for details.

The biggest change is probably support for automatic document background colors, which follow the system light/dark color scheme. If you work with international collaborators, you might also be interested in a new feature which lets you override the language and date format for each document (normally, all dates are formatted according to the systemwide preferences). There are also a set of smaller changes and bug fixes as well; check out the full list on the release notes page.

2022 will be a big year for the product; I have plans ranging from minor tweaks and polishing to major new capabilities. My sincere thanks to everyone who’s purchased the app, to everyone who’s given it a try, and especially to everyone who’s emailed me with feedback, comments, suggestions, and problem reports. I think you’ll like what’s coming!