2020-05-06: A Free Trial is now available

I’m pleased to announce that, since the end of April, a new, 7-day free trial edition is available for download! A trial edition has been one of the most common requests to the TimeStory support email, and as the app’s feature set grows, a trial can be the best way for many users to evaluate it.

TimeStory is still sold only via the Mac App Store, and uses the traditional “pay once for a permanent license” model, rather than in-app purchases. This made it impossible to directly offer a free trial; the Mac App Store doesn’t allow free trials unless you use the “free download plus in-app purchase” model. So the new app, “TimeStory Trial”, is actually a distinct download, and not available in the Mac App Store.

TimeStory 2.0.1 Trial was released on the same day that TimeStory 2.0.1 became available in the Mac App store. Going forward, trial editions will be released on the same day as their corresponding product releases.

Other than the seven-day timeout, the trial edition is essentially the same code, with all the same features, as the full app. So you can exercise those features, create some documents, send in any questions or feedback you have, and see if the app is right for you. When you’re ready to buy, just visit the Mac App Store and download the full version.