Tutorials & Videos


Navigating and Scaling the Timeline: iPad Edition and Mac Edition are a pair of videos covering the same basic topics for new users: scrolling around a timeline, jumping to a specific date, navigating events, changing the timescale up or down, and zooming in and out. All the basics you need to browse a timeline, or to get where you need to go when creating events.

Somewhat outdated, but still useful:

A Quick Tour of TimeStory is a short (1:24) demo of the core idea of TimeStory: that you can quickly create and edit timelines by pointing and clicking.

Using Custom Icons to Mark Events shows you how to add custom icons to your TimeStory icon library, and how to use them to mark up your timelines.

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Tutorial Documentation

Apple Computers, 1976–1990 walks through building a timeline of Apple’s various computers through 1990. It does this by grabbing some tables from Wikipedia, converting them to CSV files, importing those files, and then doing some cleanup. (You can also download the finished product there!)

Options while Dragging Events describes how you can control the precise details of dragging events around on the timeline, including how they “snap” to boundaries and how they automatically avoid overlaps, as well as how to control those features by pressing modifier keys during dragging.