Introducing TimeStory iPad Edition

an iPad Pro running TimeStory iPad Edition

A great iPad app, and a great version of TimeStory

TimeStory iPad Edition is 100% compatible with the Mac version, but it isn’t just a copy; it was completely redesigned to be a modern, native iPad app.

Free for viewing; paid, with free trial, for editing

The iPad Edition is free to use to read timelines, including navigating, scaling, filtering, and even exporting. It makes a great companion to the Mac app, if that’s all you need.

When fully unlocked, it’s a full-fledged timeline editor, just like the Mac app. Try it out with a built-in free trial; if you like it, you can choose between a one-time purchase or an annual subscription. The one-time purchase is just like the Mac’s, with no limitations. The annual subscription is for those who may not want to spend as much up front, or who might think they only need it for a year or two.

Learn more at Get TimeStory.