Styling Documents

Configure colors, fonts, spacing, shapes, gridlines, and more, to create attractive, professional timelines. You can find styling options throughout this User Guide, but here is an overview of some of the key ones.

General Document-Level Styles

In the Document Inspector, you can find these basic style attributes:

Document-Level Layout

The Document Inspector also provides control over the basic layout of sections and events in your document.

Event and Section Text Styles

Your timeline includes titles for sections and events. You can use the Inspector to set fonts and colors while events or sections are selected; you can also use the Style > Text menu, which provides a fuller range of standard text styling options.

Automatic Text Colors

Text colors all default to “Automatic”, rather than a specific color. Automatic-color text chooses between white or black to maximize contrast with its background, and updates as necessary as you change background colors, title positioning, etc.

You can always instead choose a specific color for any text, if you prefer to override this. Automatic is just another option within the respective color pickers.

Note that, if you choose to use the system theme for your document background, you almost always want to choose automatic text colors as well.

Copying Styles Between Items

To copy styles from one event or section to one or more others, use Style > Copy Style and Style > Paste Style.

This will copy only applicable styles; for example, if you copy from a point event to a span event, the point icon is not used, and if you copy from an event to a section, only basic color and font information applies.

Event Title Display

Another aspect of event styling is how each event’s title is displayed and positioned.

Regardless of the above setting, TimeStory will cut off any title that it doesn’t have room to draw, but will always show the complete title if you double-click to edit the event, or if you hover the mouse over the cut-off title.

Document Templates and Themes

If you have a document look which you wish to reuse in future documents, you have a few options.

A saved theme contains the following styling information: