Document Templates

If you find yourself needed to regularly create timelines with a particular style, structure, or layout, TimeStory lets you create a named template as a future starting point.

Creating a Template

You create a template from a normal document. Just set up the document how you like it: colors, style, sections, time units, etc. You can even fill it in with some events, if you’d like your template to contain them, perhaps as a starting point.

Choose Save as Template from the File menu to create the template. This will open the Template Chooser window; your new template will have been added, with an initial name of “Untitled Template” (or “Untitled Template 2” or similar, if that name is taken). Give it a useful name and close the Template Chooser.

Using a Template

Use File > New from Template to pop up the Template Chooser again; choose a template and click Create to use it. This creates a new document, copying everything from the template: contents, styling, time units, and so on.

Managing Templates

To rename or delete a template, use File > New from Template to access the Template Chooser and right-click on any template to access its menu.

(Note that the Template Chooser will always contain at least one template, namely “Default Empty Timeline”. This is the built-in template, used by File > New, and cannot be renamed or deleted.)