Creating Images (PNGs)

When you want to share your TimeStory document on the Web, paste it into a document, or attach it to an email, you can directly export it as an image in the PNG format. Unlike PDF export (via the Print function), a PNG export draws the entire timeline into a single image, with optional transparency in the background, and a specified pixel size.

Performing an Image Export

Choose File > Export to PNG from the main menu (or press ⌥⌘P) to start the image export process. TimeStory will show a small preview of the image, along with a few options:


Using “Image Size”, you can select the desired pixel size. You can alter this size, but TimeStory will preserve the image’s aspect ratio, while keeping it within 4096 pixels on each side.

The “Area to export” defaults to “Entire document”; this will generate a single PNG containing your entire document content. You can instead choose “Visible region”, which includes only the region currently visible in your document window; this is useful when extracting parts of a large document for another presentation.

Choose the “Transparent background” option to omit your document’s background color, producing a PNG with transparency, so that you can place it over another color or background when using it.

Using the Image

To save the image to a file, click “Save PNG” and choose a location.

If you click “Copy PNG to Clipboard”, the image will instead be copied to the Clipboard; you can then paste it into any other app which allows images, such as a word processor or email compose window.