Getting Around

As a document grows to span more time and contain more events, it becomes important to quickly get around. TimeStory provides several shortcuts to navigate your documents.

(For managing large documents, it is also important to understand how to filter, zoom, and manage time scales.)

Scrolling Through Time

Scroll around the document view using normal Mac scrolling gestures and mouse movements (including the trackpad and arrow keys). For example, on a MacBook trackpad, you typically scroll horizontally or vertically by placing two fingers and moving them around.

TimeStory also has a Time Scroller, a small, floating control, shown at the bottom of your document view. To enable or disable this control, use the Time Scroller option under the View menu. (TimeStory remembers this setting.) The buttons on the Time Scroller scroll the view left or right by different amounts.

Note that, horizontally, a TimeStory document really has no “beginning” or “end”; you can keep scrolling in either direction as far as you want.


Press and hold the space bar to activate panning—the mouse cursor will change into a hand icon, and you can click and drag the document around, as an alternative to using the scrolling controls. Release the space bar to leave this state.

Jumping to a Specific Date

To quickly move to a date, press the G key, or choose View > Go to Date from the menu. This will prompt you to type in a date; as anywhere else in TimeStory, you use your local language-specific date formats, or use the universal year-month-day format. The document will place that date in the horizontal center of your view, without changing your vertical scroll.

Showing Today’s Date

Using the Highlight Today feature, you can quickly locate today’s date. Click on the Today button to toggle a vertical line at today’s date, scrolling it into view if it’s not visible. See Highlighting Time for full details.

You can quickly step through all events in your document using the Navigate Events area of the toolbar, or the equivalent Go To Event submenu under the Events menu.

(If your document has no events yet, the corresponding navigation buttons and menu options are disabled.)