Attaching Images to Events

Illustrate events, add context, or decorate your documents with images imported from files or the Clipboard.

About Image Placement

Each image in a TimeStory document is attached to an event. When you select the image or event, you will see a dashed line connecting them. (Multiple images can be attached to a single event.)

You can freely drag an image around; TimeStory records its position relative to the event. For point events, this positioning is relative to the event’s center; for span events, it will be relative to its start, midpoint, or end, whichever is closest. When you drag or resize the event, change the time scale, or edit the event’s dates, the image keeps that relative positioning.

Note that you can place an event’s attached image(s) anywhere; they can even span or lie within another section’s area. They don’t belong to that section; however.

When you filter out an event, or collapse or hide its containing section, any images attached to it will disappear as well.

Image Info (Metadata)

Each image is associated with three fields of Image Info, editable in the Inspector:

If you select an image and press ?, or choose View > Show Details from the menu, a popover will appear with the summary and the title of the associated event.

Adding Images from Files

Select the target event and choose Events > Attach Image to Event from the menu. This will present a file picker; you can import any PNG, JPEG, or other common image format.

Adding Images from the Clipboard

You can copy an image file in the Finder, copy an image from your Web browser, or copy image data from any other image-viewing app (such as Preview) and paste it directly into TimeStory.

You must have exactly one event selected, so TimeStory knows where to attach the image. Just use the normal Edit > Paste or ⌘V command.

Resizing and Dragging Images

Once an image is added to your document, it can be moved or resized with the mouse. Once selected, an image can also be moved using the arrow keys or resized by typing new numeric sizes into the Image Inspector.

How Images are Stored

When you add an image, and then save your TimeStory document, that document will contain a copy of the image. This means that you can send, sync, or copy your TimeStory document anywhere without needing to bring along a separate image file. (This also means that your document will grow in size to hold the image data.)

If you add the same image multiple times, for example to stamp different events with the same decoration, TimeStory only adds one copy to your document.

Copying and Pasting Images from Within Documents

Once an image has been added to a document, you can also select it and use Edit > Copy to copy it to the Clipboard, for pasting within TimeStory or elsewhere.