Adding Links to Text

You can add direct links to Web sites to your TimeStory document; clicking on those links will launch your normal desktop Web browser. This is a simple way to provide your readers with access to extended documentation or reference material.

Links can be added within event or section titles, or within event or section descriptions. To create a link while editing a title or description, just select the text you want to make into a link (for example, “TimeStory”), and choose Add Link from the Edit menu. A window will appear where you can type or paste the destination URL for the link (for example, “”). Press OK, and the selected text will become an underlined link.

When you click on a link within an event or section title, the app will display its destination; click on that destination to open your Web browser to that location. (These two clicks are separate so that you don’t accidentally interrupt your workflow when you just wanted to edit or select an event.) You can also click Copy Link to copy the link to your clipboard, if you want to paste it somewhere else, such as in an already-open Web browser.

To edit or remove a link, just edit the title position your cursor within its text and choose Edit Link or Remove Link from the Edit menu.

(Note that TimeStory does not check your links or try to retrieve any content from them. It just asks macOS to open a browser, and tells it whatever destination you entered. So you can edit links while offline, and opening links will always use the same browser you have set as your default in System Preferences.)