Hiding Dates

Occasionally, you may want to present a timeline without committing to specific dates. For example, an early project plan may have rough durations and sequences of events, but an uncertain start date, and you’d like to discuss it without being distracted by the actual dates in the plan.

If you choose View > Hide All Dates from the main menu, TimeStory will:

Each event still has specific start and end dates, and they remain recorded in the document. If you have Vertical Gridlines enabled, they still appear on the same date boundaries. While dragging or resizing events, your dragging still snaps to the same boundaries (e.g., to week start or end if you have Weeks view enabled). But none of this is visible.

Simply uncheck Hide All Dates (or use Undo) to revert to normal behavior. (This setting is saved with your document, and doesn’t affect other documents you might have open.)